Dr. Marc F. Lieberman, Project Founder and Director, Rural Eye Programs, and Dr. Melvyn D. Bert, Director, Lhasa Eye Program, manage the efforts of the Tibet Vision Project, which operates as a non-governmental organization in Tibet. With the help of our partners, the small but focused Tibet Vision Project continues to maintain its impact on the discrete areas of its interest by:

  • Sustaining the high-quality surgical care delivered by the First People's Hospital Eye Department in intensive, free-of-charge eye camp settings in remote areas of Tibet.
  • Collaborating with other NGOs in re-training surgical eye teams (the Swiss Red Cross and Tilganga Eye Centre of Nepal) in Shigatse Prefecture, Tibet’s second largest county, to maximize the training experience of local medical and surgical teams.
  • Participating in local and national eye care conference venues to encourage the visibility of our Tibetan colleagues and to progressively involve them in planning their own future for ophthalmic care for their communities.
  • Providing free eye care for the poor and needy in Lhasa, who count on our semi-annual visits at the First People's Hospital to help manage their chronic conditions.
  • Supervising the blind children of Tibet's only school for the blind, assuring their well-being and maximal functionality.
    We are not affiliated with any other eye program, and we rely exclusively on individual donations. Contact Us for specific information.

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